[postgis-users] Best approach to store multi-object geometrical composition

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When i try to output my data in Geoserver with OpenLayers, i get a following error : Caused by: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: Relate Operation called with a LWGEOMCOLLECTION type.  This is unsupported.  Hint: Change argument 1: 'SRID=900913;GEOMETRYCOLLECTION(POINT(-5234407.6960313 3473298.5646563),POLYGO...'My geometry column is declared as "GEOMETRYCOLLECTION", all elements are not null and valid, i.e."GEOMETRYCOLLECTION(POINT(-5234407.6960313 3473298.5646563),POLYGON((-5234841.237301 3473541.0133553,-5234399.33573131 3473355.8924275,-5233919.2156475 3473591.1751552,-5234336.0363173 3473303.34197057,-5233988.4867044 3472934.2944434,-5234417.25065987 3473246.01419936,-5234865.1238724 3472965.3469862,-5234469.8011168 3473306.92495627,-5234838.8486439 3473538.6246982,-5234841.237301 3473541.0133553)))"
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Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2010 17:37:57 +0700
Subject: [postgis-users] Best approach to store multi-object geometrical	composition

There is a need to store an entity that consists of few different objects - i.e. point, polygon, etc. so one row of database has one object that consists of them. The first approach is kinda obvious - form geometry collections and save them as one binary object, but then there are problems with output (of course i can make multipoint from points and multiline from lines, but in few cases there is no proper aggregate type for my composition). So i'm looking forward to saving each kind of child object in related tables so during processing we could get them and display as respecive type (say in Geoserver via OpenLayers). But what if i have a lot of such objects? Such approach may cause serious performance issues, and in specific case where PostGIS application itself was intended to boost performance, it's unacceptable. Maybe there are some other best practices to deal with above described problem? Thanks in advance for your help. 		 	   		  

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