[postgis-users] shp2pgsql standalone?

Benedetto Porfidia benedetto.porfidia at isprambiente.it
Mon Nov 29 00:33:29 PST 2010

Il 29/11/2010 9.09, Paolo Cavallini ha scritto:
> Hi all.
> Could (or has it been) shp2pgsql be packaged in the standalone installer?
> Using the PostGIS Manager QGIS plugin is a very convenient way of loading layers. To
> be fully usable, however, users would need also the utility shp2pgsql. AFAIK, this
> cannot be installed alone on windows, but apparently require
> the installation of PostgreSQL and PostGIS (I may be wrong - I do not know Windows).
> Any easy solution?
> Thanking you in advance.

It needs only few dll to work. They should stay in the same dir.
libiconv-2.dll - ssleay32.dll - libintl-2.dll - libpq.dll - krb5_32.dll 
- comerr32.dll  and psql.exe pgsql2shp.exe shp.pgsql.exe
Don't know which is strictly needed, but this worked for me

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