[postgis-users] [Qgis-developer] Fwd: WKTRaster Plugin 0.1

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Tue Nov 30 17:07:15 PST 2010

> Great team work that you and Jorge are doing!
> Any other sugestions on what a "Load postgis raster" plugin should do?
Your wrote yesterday:
> "Stefan asked about the processing. This is something the plugin doesn't
> Is this feature request already solved?
> If not, I would be happy with a free text input window for entering SQL
queries as an alternative for "power users".

> Yours, S.
Yes that would definitely be a great feature as well as having it in a
pre-compiled windows build.


Do you have a link for more information about this plugin.  I'd like to
include it as part of the PostGIS manual and PostGIS raster wiki.
Unfortunately we don't have a build environment for QGIS, but if there is a
windows build,Leo and I would  be happy to write up a demo on using the tool
And at the very least we'll be mentioning it in the PostGIS in Action book
if not including snapshots as well.

Regina and Leo,

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