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Just a tutorial similar to what Jorge and Pierre's did with screen shots.  
We were planning two -- one displaying PostGIS layers in MapServer 
and one displaying in QGIS similar to what we did a while back for OpenJump:
We haven't tested MapServer since GDAL 1.7, but will be good to see how
Jorge's GDAL 1.8 improvements work with MapServer now.  We were  able to
load back then with some issues but wasn't really testing for speed.  We
were too ecstatic when our layers actually showed up in MapServer and that
we were able to do both band and attribute filters on top of it that we
weren't even thinking about speed.
Regina and Leo


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Actually the plugin was born in really speedy fashion. I think that at the
moment it speaks for itself as it's actually very simple.
I could test the UI on windows, if that's what you need, but to actually
read the raster you need gdal recognizing postgis rasters so only for 1.7
That's why i was able to alter it on windows. I can test the plugin part. I
can't test GDAL part.
QGIS is releasing a new version these weeks. I'm going to ask if is anyone
going to compile a windows build with gdal 1.7 or (with luck) 1.8.
What kind of demo do you need? I don't have a hosting for the plugin at the
moment but I can produce some ubuntu's screenshots (or even a video).
The plugin's fairly simple, though.
For the next request (a tool to process the queries), QGIS does have a
really nice tool called RT_Sql to execute PostGIS SQL queries.
I don't really know if I should bring a new tool to the application doing
almost the same thing with just different datasources.
What can be done is to talk with the guys who developped RT_Sql and check if
they don't want a little improvement to cope with raster layers too.

Anyway, there is still a mystic point for me: some processing returns vector
and some return rasters (and I don'nt think that's all). That's... odd to
cope with. I'm still giving some thought to it. I still need to read how
postgis raster processing works and gives results.
Best regards,
Mauricio de Paulo

2010/11/30 Paragon Corporation <lr at pcorp.us>

> Great team work that you and Jorge are doing!
> Any other sugestions on what a "Load postgis raster" plugin should do?
Your wrote yesterday:
> "Stefan asked about the processing. This is something the plugin doesn't
> Is this feature request already solved?
> If not, I would be happy with a free text input window for entering SQL
queries as an alternative for "power users".

> Yours, S.

Yes that would definitely be a great feature as well as having it in a
pre-compiled windows build.


Do you have a link for more information about this plugin.  I'd like to
include it as part of the PostGIS manual and PostGIS raster wiki.
Unfortunately we don't have a build environment for QGIS, but if there is a
windows build,Leo and I would  be happy to write up a demo on using the tool
And at the very least we'll be mentioning it in the PostGIS in Action book
if not including snapshots as well.

Regina and Leo,

Mauricio de Paulo
Engenheiro Cartografo

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