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Hi Daniel,

The GUI is only available for Windows, which I haven't used much for some years now. So I can't help with that aspect. I would assume the GUI has some way for you to enter the same parameters.

As often as not, I find a GUI is an intermediary between me & the application I want to run. If I know the application well, I often don't want an intermediary, I want to directly control the application myself :-) But there are applications where a GUI is facilitative & useful rather than just a limited menu.

You can run the commands in the command prompt/DOS shell/Windows Terminal or whatever it is called these days.



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Thanks again Brent! Could you explain it a little bit more detailed? I'm using the shp2pgsql-gui (exe) to import shapefiles and there's no need to wright any command... So I don't know where I should wright this specific comand line. Maybe in the PSQL console (pgadmin)?

2011/12/31  <pcreso at pcreso.com>

pgsql2shp -s 4326 -I <shapefile> <mytable> | psql -d <mydb>

<shapefile> is the name of your shapefile, eg: myfile.shp
<mytable> is the name of the POstgis table to create & populate
<mydb> is the name of od the Postgis database (Postgres with Postgis installed)

"-s 4326" tells pgsql to create a table for a shapefile with lat/long geometries, as in


 Brent Wood

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Subject: [postgis-users] Geographic
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Hi there! How can I import a shape file with geographic coordinates to PostGIS via shp2pgsql? Thanks Daniel

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