[postgis-users] PG Routing

James David Smith james.david.smith at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 09:15:51 PDT 2011

Dear all,

I have a table of GPS points which are the locations of vehicles every
15 seconds. Each journey that a car makes has an ID. For example a
taxi is on 'job 1' and has 50 points while it does this job, and then
another 50 or 60 when it is on 'job 2' etc. What I would like to do
however is investigate whether the car took the most effecient route
between the two points. To this end I think that I can use the
PGROUTING extension of PostGIS...?  Does this sound possible? I have
found the PGROUTING website, and download the ZIP file for Windows
installation, however I am not sure how to install it. Could somebody
please tell me how or provide a link to a good place to read about how
to install and use PGROUTING?  Alternatively, is there a better way of
accomplosing my task?

Best wishes


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