[postgis-users] ST_DWithin on 2 columns which are the same

robertvc robert.cazaciuc at baesystems.com
Tue Mar 1 00:47:30 PST 2011


I have been trying, with no luck, to implement a query to return me all the
pairs of rows that are within a certain range of each other. I searched the
forum before trying to find a solution but I haven't been able to. Sorry if
there is a solution to this problem already that I didn't see. 

Suppose you have a 2 column table cars with an integer ID, and a geography
Location representing the position of the car globally. I want to write a
query that will return me pairs of IDs of cars that are within say 1km of
each other. Having looked at the functions available ST_DWithin seems the
obvious choice but I haven't been able to actually use it for what I want. 

I've started out by simply testing if it matches each car as being in range
with itself : 

SELECT * FROM cars WHERE ST_DWithin(location, location, 1);

This returned all the entries from the cars table as expected (given that no
cars where actually within a meter of each other). I then tried to find all
the cars that are within a km of each other but don't have the same ID (to
avoid matching a car with itself). Because of this extra constraint I need
to somehow treat the location columns individually so I've tried the

 SELECT c1.id, c2.id FROM cars AS c1, cars AS c2 WHERE
ST_DWithin(c1.location, c2.location, 1000) AND c1.id != c2.id; 

But this query never actually finishes computing (the number of entries in
my cars table is around 30k and after 2 hours of the query being executed I
still didn't get back a result). I would greatly appreciate any help in
computing this query as well as any tips on performance. I should also
probably mention that I did an indexing on the location column as suggested
in the documentation: 

CREATE INDEX cars_gix ON cars USING GIST (location);

Thank you in advance, 

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