[postgis-users] Infinite loop in st_intersects - because of incorrect data out of st_transform?

Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at siriusit.co.uk
Fri Mar 18 04:02:41 PDT 2011

On 10/03/11 15:13, Magnus Hagander wrote:

>> What was the discussion with the GEOS people like? Did they consider this to
>> be a bug in GEOS or a bug in PostGIS?
> Ugh. Re-reading the thread, I realize I've misunderstood this. I
> thought both issues were "in the same way", but I see now once was
> geos and one was proj. Thus, I expected your cross post in the
> followup covered it :-) So given that, I haven't actually contacted
> the geos community specifically - unless they are represented on this
> list.
> Having said that, if you (or somebody else who actually knows the
> PostGIS code well) would handle that contact, that would be great.
> Given my lack of knowledge in the 10 or so stack frames between my
> calling and the actual geos call, I fear I won't be able to answer
> their follow-up questions in a good way :-)

I think a basic question of "how do we handle NaNs, -Inf/+Inf etc.?", 
i.e. should GEOS error if it finds them or silently discard them could 
be answered better on the main GEOS list. Obviously there is some 
overlap here, but Martin Davis is probably the person with the best feel 
for how this should work and I don't think he's on any of the PostGIS lists.



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