[postgis-users] Geocoder questions (PG 9.0/ Posgis 2.0 SVN)

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Tue Mar 22 11:37:56 PDT 2011

> Hi all,

> I am trying to install the geocoder on a windows machine (blech), using
the included batch file (yay).  I have a few questions.... One piece of
> I am running postgis within its own schema and setting search_path
appropriately; this usually works just fine, but it might be part of the
problem here.

> Sorry for the generality of this post, but I can give more specifics/
cut-and-pastes later.

> 1.  I am getting an error to the effect that geometry type is not found in
a database, but I am able to find it with \dT and I have successfully
installed postgis in its own schema with search_path.  Any ideas?
 In the create_geocode.sql, and tiger_loader.sql files, there is a set
search_path at the top.  Add your postgis schema to the end of those
statements and that should fix your first issue

> 2.  Is there a reason the install *.sql functions aren't wrapped in BEGIN/
Not that I can think of 

> 3.  There are a couple of (other) typos and outdated things -- is there a
place/ person to send a patch?
Submit a ticket with your patch and make sure to choose component "tiger
geocoder"  and it will be assigned to me

4.  Is this code now sort of officially in the PostGIS trunk?
Yes kind of sort of especially now that we have it documented :)


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