[postgis-users] "Linux" geocoder script ?

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Sat Mar 26 11:37:58 PDT 2011

On 3/26/2011 1:39 PM, fork wrote:
> Paragon Corporation<lr<at>  pcorp.us>  writes:
>> You might want to also look at the script in the legacy_import folder of
>> tiger_2010.
>> That was a script set up by Steve Frost for 2008 when he reworked the tiger
>> geocoder to work with the new shp format.  We couldn't use that because the
>> client we needed to get this to work for
>> Was a windows client and that script is Linux centric.
> Yeah, I looked -- extremely interactive (yuck).
> (One pendantic note -- "sh" or "bash" are *Unix* centric, not linux -- they are
> the standard on Freebsd, etc).
>> So check out the function - loader_load_staged_data in tiger folder   and
>> you'll see what I mean
> I use  it -- I basically generated a script with the select statement and then
> started to work it over.  I think the problem is that Tiger 10 has a very
> different schema than the parent table in tiger_data.  Not sure yet....

Tiger 2010 release did change the name of files and directories in the 
release and some of the column names also changed. I just went through 
having to update a bunch of scripts I use for processing Tiger because 
of this. And the implication of the changes is such that you can expect 
this on every release because the names in question have to do with 
identifying which release the data is from.

Sorry, this is vague, I don't have the changes in front of me at the moment.


>>> The idea is that you just change a few parameters at the top and then run
>> it for your state.  It would be *far* easier to write code to SQL to
>> generate a bunch of "X=Y\n" lines than what it does now.
>> I like the idea of putting more parameters at the top, the reason we didn't
>> and stored many of  the parameters in the table is because that is where the
>> Linux/Windows/Unix code breaks apart and is different
> I think the loader function can hide some of that. Also, there is no way to mix
> batch and sh scripts, you might as well keep them totally separate...
>> and our objective was
>> to strive to create
>> Something that could be used on all platforms (not just Linux).  Honestly
>> that was our frustration with prior loader scripts is that most of our
>> clients were on windows and needed it to work on windows and it didn't so
>> they didn't use the geocoder.
> I am glad those scripts work too.  The Unix / sh scripts though arent anywhere
> near production ready.  Anywhere you see something like "%VAR%", that is a batch
> file syntax that will throw an error in sh.  So, create_gecoder.sh just breaks
> (I have a patch I will send later).
>>    The only piece that is
>> truly cross platform is plpgsql (and also partly shp2pgsql) so that is why
>> most of the variable specific stuff is kept in the tables
>> loader_platform, loader_variables
>> so that we could as much as possible abstract away the non-crossplatform
>> commandline and not require people to install perl or any other additional
>> items
> In the unix world you can assume that a Posix "sh" is installed -- it's like the
> .bat file of Dos/Windows -- you cant even boot without it.  That's what my
> script is written it.
>> Thanks,
>> Regina
>> http://www.postgis.us
> No, thank you for getting it this far! I would just like to be able to use it on
> my favorite operating system too ;)
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