[postgis-users] multiple queries in one phpscript?

Robert Buckley robertdbuckley at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 6 02:28:02 PDT 2011

How does this affect performance? are the queries executed when the javascript scripts are loaded into the browser or only when the chart is displayed in the browser?

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Gesendet: 11:21 Donnerstag, 6.Oktober 2011 
Betreff: Re: [postgis-users] multiple queries in one phpscript?

> Hi,
> I am pretty new to postgresql and php.
> I have a webmapping application which uses postgresql/postgis as its
> backend.
> In the application there is a charts website-page which picks out data from
> the postgis tables and displays them using the Ext.js library.
> Up until now I have been using one php script which includes one postgresql
> sql-query which is used to populate the chart.
> If I have multiple charts which use mulitple queries, am I able to put them
> in one php script or do I need a seperate script for each query?
> Please excuse me if this should not be posted here...but I consider this
> more of a postgis/webmapping question as a sencha/extjs question.
> thanks,
> Rob

Hi Robert,

Yes, you can put any number of queries in a single PHP file.

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