[postgis-users] Server not responding

Andy Colson andy at squeakycode.net
Thu Oct 6 06:56:52 PDT 2011

On 10/6/2011 6:17 AM, Andreas Forø Tollefsen wrote:
> Seems like everything works if i create everything in PgAdmin SQL query
> window and execute the query.
> Why is it that while using psycopg2 and python it stops somewhere in the
> loop? Any ideas? This might be something for the psycopg2 mailing list.
> A.

If the CPU is pegged, then PG is still running.  Its not broke, its just 

Have you run the sql with explain analyze?  Have you ran a vacuum 
analyze on your database?

You can paste your explain analyze:


It makes it nice and pretty.


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