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GST (Geosciencies in Space and Time) is an extension of PostGreSQL with the
same flavour of PostGis but  able to load
3D geometries. Developed by the Univesity of Freiberg (germany) for the
european project Promine at this moment is a prototype but it's really
promising. You can connect 3D geometries stored on Postgre vía SFS  from
the program GoCad and GoCando (free) as a client. They are developing an
OGC service in order to see 3D geometries on an server. 
Contact information  at:


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Subject: Re: [postgis-users] representing 3D shapes,e.g.
gml:AbstractSolidType in PostGIS?
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2011 12:00:22 +1300
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On 14 October 2011 05:49, Courtin Olivier <olivier.courtin at oslandia.com>
> Global aim, is to have a 3D topological library.
> So something acting like GEOS, but for surfaces and solid.
> First step will be to look closer if available 3D library could be an
yes or no.
> (December 2011 -> February 2012)

A volumetric library similar to GEOS would be very nice, as I seem to
deal with these problems often. (I wish I could have funding resources
for this).

The literature seems to be recently advancing on topological models:

(the later peer-reviewed journal article even mentions PostGIS!)

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