[postgis-users] Postgis 1.5.3 regression test failures

Stephen Davies sdavies at sdc.com.au
Tue Oct 18 19:41:59 PDT 2011

I am in the process of upgrading from PostgreSQL 8.4.1 and PostGIS 1.4.1 to 
PostgreSQL 9.0.4 and PostGIS 1.5.3.

I started by upgrading the 8.4.1 databases to PostgGIS 1.5.3 and the 
regression tests passed except for test 47 (tickets). This seems to be a known 
rounding issue.

I then proceeded to create a parallel 9.0.4 PostgreSQL environment and to 
rebuild PostGIS 1.5.3 against that.

This time the regression test results were:

Creating spatial db postgis_reg 
createlang: language "plpgsql" is already installed in database "postgis_reg"
TMPDIR is /tmp/
PATH is 

 PostgreSQL 9.0.4 on i686-pc-linux-gnu, compiled by GCC gcc (GCC) 4.4.3, 32-
 Postgis 1.5.3 - 2011-10-19 01:18:06
   GEOS: 3.2.2-CAPI-1.6.2
   PROJ: Rel. 4.7.1, 23 September 2009

Running tests

 loader/Point....... failed (dumping loaded table: /tmp//dumper.err)
 loader/PointM....... failed (dumping loaded table: /tmp//dumper.err)
 loader/PointZ....... failed (dumping loaded table: /tmp//dumper.err)
 loader/MultiPoint....... failed (dumping loaded table: /tmp//dumper.err)
 loader/MultiPointM....... failed (dumping loaded table: /tmp//dumper.err)
 loader/MultiPointZ....... failed (dumping loaded table: /tmp//dumper.err)
 loader/Arc....... failed (dumping loaded table: /tmp//dumper.err)
 loader/ArcM....... failed (dumping loaded table: /tmp//dumper.err)
 loader/ArcZ..... failed (dumping loaded table: /tmp//dumper.err)
 loader/Polygon....... failed (dumping loaded table: /tmp//dumper.err)
 loader/PolygonM....... failed (dumping loaded table: /tmp//dumper.err)
 loader/PolygonZ....... failed (dumping loaded table: /tmp//dumper.err)
 regress. ok
 regress_index. ok
 regress_index_nulls. ok
 lwgeom_regress. ok
 regress_lrs. ok
 removepoint. ok
 setpoint. ok
 simplify. ok
 snaptogrid. ok
 affine. ok
 wkt. ok
 measures. ok
 long_xact. ok
 ctors. ok
 sql-mm-serialize. ok
 sql-mm-circularstring. ok
 sql-mm-compoundcurve. ok
 sql-mm-curvepoly. ok
 sql-mm-general. ok
 sql-mm-multicurve. ok
 sql-mm-multisurface. ok
 geojson. ok
 gml. ok
 svg. ok
 kml. ok
 in_gml. ok
 in_kml. ok
 regress_ogc. ok
 regress_ogc_cover. ok
 regress_ogc_prep. ok
 regress_bdpoly. ok
 regress_proj. ok
 dumppoints. ok
 wmsservers. ok
 tickets. failed (diff expected obtained: /tmp//test_47_diff)
 regress_buffer_params. ok
 hausdorff. ok

Run tests: 49
Failed: 13
make[1]: Leaving directory `/var/sources/postgis-1.5.3/regress'

The failing test out puts were (test 47 was the same for both environments):

[postgres at mustang postgis-1.5.3]$ cat /tmp/test_47_diff 
*** tickets_expected    Fri May 13 07:16:31 2011
--- /tmp//test_47_out   Wed Oct 19 13:02:29 2011
*** 39,45 ****
  NOTICE:  No points in input array
! #183|COMPOUNDCURVE(CIRCULARSTRING(0 0,0.500000000000184 1.20710678118655,1 
0),(1 0,0 1))
  NOTICE:  No points in input array
--- 39,45 ----
  NOTICE:  No points in input array
! #183|COMPOUNDCURVE(CIRCULARSTRING(0 0,0.500000000000083 1.20710678118655,1 
0),(1 0,0 1))
  NOTICE:  No points in input array

[postgres at mustang postgis-1.5.3]$ cat /tmp/dumper.err 
Initializing... WARNING: Cannot determine spatial reference (empty table or 
unknown spatial ref). No prj file will be generated.
Done (postgis major version: 1).
Output shape: PolygonZ
Dumping: XERROR: parse error - invalid geometry

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