[postgis-users] Build Postgis - no Numpy in GDAL python bindings

Andreas Forø Tollefsen andreasft at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 06:25:02 PDT 2011

The GDALFPolygonize error was caused by me not building postgis with raster.

Tried to uninstall and remove all numpy and gdal files.
Then Install latest Numpy build.
Python import numpy worked fine.
Download latest GDAL trunk. ./configure --with-python
sudo make install

Download lastest postgis trunk. ./configure --with-raster
checking for Numpy array support in GDAL Python bindings... not found
configure: error: GDAL Python bindings with NumPy array support
required by raster2pgsql.py loader

I do not understand why this do not work, but somehow the building of
GDAL 1.9.1 does not include the numpy that is installed.
Numpy works in Python, but GDAL can't find it somehow.

Think I will just go back to GDAL 1.8.1 meanwhile...


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