[postgis-users] Transform from NAD27 (SRID 4267) to WGS84 (SRID 4326)

Evan Martin postgresql at realityexists.net
Mon Apr 2 19:53:21 PDT 2012

When trying to transform from NAD27 (SRID 4267) to WGS84 (SRID 4326) 
some points used to fail as of 2.0.0 beta 3 (bug 318). I've just tried 
2.0.0 RC 2 and they now return the input value unchanged, eg.

SELECT ST_AsText(ST_Transform(ST_GeomFromEWKT('SRID=4267;POINT(-70 
10)'), 4326))

returns POINT(-70 10). That's definitely better than an error, but is 
that result correct? I thought there was some difference between NAD27 
and WGS84. CoordTrans (http://franson.com/coordtrans/) returns 
(-69.9995694 10.001074) for the same transformation.

Thanks for any help,


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