[postgis-users] functions for polygon clipping and linear interpolation of linestrings by an external variable

David Kaplan david.kaplan at ird.fr
Wed Apr 4 05:48:27 PDT 2012


I have placed a small amount of postgis code online for generating
linestring grids, clipping polygons by linestrings and linearly
interpolating linestrings (e.g., you have a linestring that represents
positions at a set of times that you want to interpolate so that the
intervals between positions is uniform).  


The code is in pure SQL and PL/PGSQL, so it should be usable by most.
There is definitely lots of room for improvement and I haven't been
following postgis 2.0 particularly closely, so perhaps some of this
functionality exists already.  But it still seems like a useful bit of
code.  Comments and improvements welcome.


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