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Wed Apr 4 09:57:10 PDT 2012

Following on from the reply by strk (thanks!!) I'm still working through how to use topologies.

I have a script which creates a topology, adds 5 linestrings looking like:
   |      |      |
   |      |      |
   |      |      |

validates the result and then Polygonizes it, creating two faces. 

I'm using the SVN docs 
( http://www.postgis.org/documentation/manual-svn/Topology.html ) 
as my reference, as this is the best I have found so far. 

What I want this script to do is run a query listing/describing the faces that have been created, then extract them as polygon geometries into a Postgis geometry column to be used as conventional polygons, but I can see no way in the docs of accomplishing this.

Once I get the script able to complete this operation I figure I should have a much better understanding of how Postgis topology works, & will stick it on the wiki as a working example. I'll also insert more commands to illustrate other operations, as I learn this stuff.

Any suggestions as to how to accomplish these next steps?


  Brent Wood

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