[postgis-users] Integration of GPS data and raster time series

feurbano at clix.pt feurbano at clix.pt
Tue Apr 10 01:25:19 PDT 2012

In case someone is interested in the management of raster time series, I solved
importing all the images in the same table, same rast column. 
I upload images with the file name, then a trigger "massages" the file name to
transform it in a timestamp data type.
At this point each tile has its timestamp and can be easily queried as a kind of
spatio-temporal object (including retrieving a temporal profile).

Simple and fast.


I am developing a system to manage ad analyse (wildlife) tracking data.
I need to integrate GPS data with raster time series, let's say MODIS NDVI.
I want to associate each location to the NDVI value on the basis of both
coordinates and timestamp.
The time series includes an image every 2 weeks for more or less 10 years. Pixel
size 250 meters (in my case, over Scandinavia).
The point is how to store the NDVI images.

I am exploring postgis 2.0 and up to now I see a number of possible solutions:
1) store each ndvi image into a different postgis table, giving to tables a name
that includes the "timestamp" (e.g. ndvi_20010101), and then point to the correct
table through the name
2) store all the ndvi images into postgis in the same table adding a field with
the timestamp
3) store all the ndvi images into postgis as different bands of the same image
4) stop to work and enjoy Easter eve

Do you have any suggestion? are there other (better) options that I did not
consider yet?

Thanks for the help

Ferdinando Urbano

Congrats to the PostGIS 2.0 team, at the moment you are the Barcelona of spatial

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