[postgis-users] A question on ST_RemEdgeModFace usability

Andrea Peri aperi2007 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 14:44:37 PDT 2012

>Just to add that for a normal user to think in primitives is going to be
>kind of difficult. To try to delete an edge or change a topogeometry can
>be very tricky.
>My opinion is that a user should work with topogeometries as if they
>were normal geometries. PostGIS in a transparent way should deal with
>the primitives. I know Im asking too much. Not for now. I already happy
>a lot with persistent topology as it is right now.

perhaps you are right (I hope surely),

But I'm no so sure of this.
my experience is that the topology is useful to produce a good really
topologic dataset starting from a simple-feature topologically aprossimated

So after apply the starting dataset to a topology is often necessary to
remove the
little danlges or slivers that the topology costruction phase (totopogeo)
will evidence.

The standard solution to remove the sliver is to remove the edge that is
born wrongly.
Actually I cannot use the ST_RemEdgeModeFace to remove the edge and so I
don't know how to remove the slivers easily.

The only solution I understand is to to produce a perfectly topologically
and topologically correct dataset "before" to apply it to the topology.
So the postgis topology (I fear) is no so useful in the productive process
of dataset.

Where the starting phase is a topologically approximated simple feature

Andrea Peri
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