[postgis-users] A question on ST_RemEdgeModFace usability

Salvatore Larosa lrssvtml at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 00:57:38 PDT 2012

Il giorno gio, 12/04/2012 alle 23.44 +0200, Andrea Peri ha scritto:
> The standard solution to remove the sliver is to remove the edge that
> is born wrongly.
> Actually I cannot use the ST_RemEdgeModeFace to remove the edge and so
> I don't know how to remove the slivers easily.

Hi Andrea,
What you mean for "standard solution"?

IMO, removing the sliver polygons is not an easy operation!
There are several alternatives to do that!

in GRASS you could use module v.clean;
in PostGIS you could use filter "smaller than a given area" in WHERE
again in PostGIS: [1]

So, there is no standard procedure for the solution to removing slivers

Also this could be interesting [2]! Thinking of a tool for QGIS! 



[1] -

[2] - http://docs.bentley.com/en/PowerMap/geooutlkhelp327.html

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