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Bob Pawley rjpawley at shaw.ca
Tue Apr 24 10:56:44 PDT 2012

pg_proc returns 6 rows.

Three rows identical to yours and three rows with column
proargnames  returning a blank or (null) value.

postgresql version returns PostreSQL 9.1.3.


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On Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 10:14:52AM -0700, Bob Pawley wrote:

> I’ve set up postgis 2.0 and have run the topology.sql file.
> Select postgis_full_version() returns the TOPOLOGY label.
> However, unlike the postgis 1.5 setup, when I run
> select topology.CreateTopology('TEST', -1);
> ERROR:  function addgeometrycolumn(unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, 
> unknown, integer) is not unique
> LINE 1: SELECT AddGeometryColumn('TEST','face','mbr','-1','POLYGON',...

Uhm, maybe you have old PostGIS 1.5 signatures around ?

This is what I have here:

=> select proname, proargnames from pg_proc where proname = 
      proname      |                                        proargnames
addgeometrycolumn | 
addgeometrycolumn | 
addgeometrycolumn | 
(3 rows)

There might indeed be an ambiguity due to the use_typmod default argument,
but I can't reproduce here so please first of all check your pg_proc.

Then report your postgresql version.


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