[postgis-users] crash on ST_Clip()

Stephen Crawford src176 at psu.edu
Wed Apr 25 12:15:20 PDT 2012


I have a query which works on my desktop Windows (postgis2.0 RC) but 
crashes on Linux (postgis2.0 official release).  And by crash i mean 
disconnects me from the server.

INSERT INTO result_raster_table (observation_date, rast)
SELECT r.observation_date, ST_Clip(r.rast,g.the_geom,-9999) AS rast
FROM raster_table r, geom_table g
WHERE r.observation_date = '2012-03-09';

'raster_table ' holds tiles, 187 of which make up one observation_date, 
and 'geom_table' is just one record, the union of ~23 Eastern US states.

Any thoughts?


Stephen Crawford
Center for Environmental Informatics
The Pennsylvania State University
src176 at psu.edu

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