[postgis-users] Topology GetRingEdges

Bob Pawley rjpawley at shaw.ca
Fri Apr 27 13:11:27 PDT 2012


I have established the schema and tables as outlined in the documentation example 11.8 TopoGeometry Constructors.

However, I am still missing something.

When I run GetRingEdges -

    select  topology.GetRingEdges('TEST', 1), entities.wkb_geometry   
    from entities, num_search
    where st_intersects(entities.wkb_geometry, num_search.the_geom2);

The return are only the geometries which are actually intersected by st_intersects.(In this particular case only four of the eight lines that make up the polygon).

I was hoping the whole closed geometry  to be returned.

What am I missing??

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