[postgis-users] Problem enabling postgis (Mac OS)

António Rodrigues n.marxco at gmail.com
Sat Aug 11 18:35:43 PDT 2012

Hi list,

I'm having problems enabling postgis on a mac running Mountain Lion. Most
likely this is due to my absolute lack of experience with postgresql, but
I've read the documentation, searched the web and so far, no luck.

This is what I've done

Installed GDAL_Complete-1.9.dmg, PostgreSQL-9.1.4-1.dmg and
PostGIS-2.0.1-1.dmg from kyngchaos (in this order)

During installation, I was not prompted for a postgres password, hence I
had problems when connecting as user (role) postgres.

In pgadmin I created a new role as superuser.

>From PostGIS documentation, I tried (in the psql console plugin…

(p.14 in PostGIS 2.0.0 Manual)

createdb db1
createlang plpgsql db1
psql -d db1 -f postgis.sql
psql -d db1 -f spatial_ref_sys.sql
psql -d db1 -f postgis_comments.sql
psql -d db1 -f rtpostgis.sql
psql -d db1 -f raster_comments.sql
psql -d db1 -f topology/topology.sql
psql -d db1 -f topology/topology_comments.sql
psql -d db1 -f legacy.sql

Nothing new: no postgis functions...

Then Using the psql console plugin I typed:
(p. 15PostGIS 2.0.0 Manual)
psql -d db -c "CREATE EXTENSION postgis;"
psql -d db -c "CREATE EXTENSION postgis_topology;"

Again no good.

Then I pasted the code in from postgis.sql (from \usr\…contrib\postgis2.0
directly in a sql window in pgadmin…

I got the error message: "ERROR:  could not access file
"$libdir/postgis-2.0": No such file or directory"

I am aware this is a newby kind of problem, and I apologize for that, but
some help would be really really great.
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