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You don't need to do array unless you have a reason for that LIMIT.  

ST_Union is an overloaded function: One version is an aggregate and one
takes an array of geometries.

So below is a bit shorter to write:

SELECT ST_Union(poly)
FROM portal.catalog
WHERE cat.type = 'CADRG';

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In the table portal.catalog 

column poly is a geometry (always a rectangle, with datum EPSG 4326) column
type is a text field.

I want to find all the records who have a type of "CADRG" and merge the
polygons into the simplest shape that covers all the items in the array
(I.e. if they form a square with a hole, then I want that, if it has to be a
multipolygon, so be it).

Is this the correct way to do that?

SELECT ST_AsText(ST_Union(
	SELECT poly 
	FROM portal.catalog as cat
	WHERE cat.type='CADRG'

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