[postgis-users] Postgis 2.0 TopoGeo_AddPolygon

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Check to make sure that topology schema is in your database search path.

CREATE EXTENSION postgis_topology; 

adds it automatically, but if you built from a template database it won't be

I forget if the regular topology install script automatically adds it.

So something like 

ALTER DATABASE mygisdb SET search_path="$user", public, topology; 

You'll need to start a new session for the changes to take effect.

Hope that helps,

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When we try to use TopoGeo_AddPolygon an error occure the sended msg is:
St_GetFaceGeometry does not exist .... ???

But the St_GetFaceFunction exist in topology ... we use it.

Our problem is how to include polygons directly in a topology, those
polygons have matching points each other.

Any idea ?

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