[postgis-users] PostGIS 2.0.2

William Kyngesburye woklist at kyngchaos.com
Mon Dec 3 18:53:33 PST 2012

Update problem - when I try to update postgis_topology as an extension, I get an error:

ERROR:  relation "topology" already exists

(from the docs: ALTER EXTENSION postgis_topology UPDATE TO "2.0.2"; )

Update of the base postgis extension worked without problems.

On Dec 3, 2012, at 1:52 PM, Paul Ramsey wrote:

> The PostGIS development team is happy to release the second patch
> version of PostGIS 2, the 2.0.2 release. As befits a patch release,
> the focus is on bugs and breakages, and there are a large number of
> obscure things that are now better in this release.

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