[postgis-users] shp2pgsql -G -r

Tore Halset halset at pvv.ntnu.no
Wed Dec 5 00:27:28 PST 2012


I am trying out PostGIS 2.0.1, shp2pgsql and the geometry type. However, the reproject-thing does not seem to work as expected. What am I doing wrong?

$ shp2pgsql
RELEASE: 2.0.1 (r9979)
USAGE: shp2pgsql [<options>] <shapefile> [[<schema>.]<table>]
  -G  Use geography type (requires lon/lat data or -r to reproject).

$ shp2pgsql -G -r mystuff.shp
shp2pgsql: illegal option -- r

 - Tore.

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