[postgis-users] Build Issue postgis-2.0.2 (LDFLAGS is overwritten when creating the postgis-2.0.so)

Prasanta Chinara xchinu at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 12 16:03:14 PST 2012

Summary: LDFLAGS is overwritten when creating the postgis-2.0.so


I have postgresql-9.2.2 package installed before I try to create an RPM package for the postgis-2.0.2;
I updated the spec file with an LDFLAGS that has -Wl,-rpath set to libgoes_c.so.1 and libjosn.so.0.

During the rpm build process the postgis/Makefile is including:
/lib/pgsql/pgxs/src/makefiles/pgxs.mk which in turn includes:

/lib/pgsql/pgxs/src/Makefile.global and

/lib/pgsql/pgxs/src/Makefile.shlib and


lib/pgsql/pgxs/src/Makefile.global is the one which is overriding LDFLAGS with the following snippets:

225 ifdef PGXS
226   LDFLAGS = -L$(libdir)
227 else
228   LDFLAGS = -L$(top_builddir)/src/port
229 endif
230 LDFLAGS += -L... # all library locations required for postgresql build and it DOES NOT include geos or json.
351 rpathdir = $(libdir)
353 ifeq ($(enable_rpath), yes)
354 LDFLAGS += $(rpath)
355 endif

'appreciate any help/pointers how to fix it.
Or let me know if I need to file a bug.

thank you,
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