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Fri Dec 28 00:10:56 PST 2012


I don't use 'Google maps. I'm unable to provide Google with an in perpetuity licence for my data, so cannot comply with their terms of service.

I also need a web mapping engine that can display polar data & support projections, neither of which Google can.

I have used OpenLayers with Open Street Map (OSM) data instead of Google Maps. Generally a quite acceptable & more flexible/powerful (but more complex) alternative.

So sorry, I can't help with the Google API to get your data onto a Google map.


  Brent Wood

> 2012/12/28 nevillekb <nevillekb at gmail.com>
> Hi Brent,
> So at the moment i am hard-coding sample lat and long values to test the 
> functionality and it works!!!
> What i wanted to ask is how can i get these values from Google maps and then
> feed them in my DB rather then hard-coding them. Any idea how to go about?
> Thanks,
> Neville.

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