[postgis-users] Forming a BAND around a linestring

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ST_Buffer(<linestring>, distance)


Note that if your data is lat/long (such as EPSG:4326) with units in degrees, then you will get somewhat distorted buffer distances, and a better result by transforming your linestring to a more suitable projection for the buffer operation, then transform it back.


ST_Transform(ST_Buffer(ST_Transform(<linestring>, SRID), distance),4326)


   Brent Wood
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Subject: [postgis-users] Forming a BAND around a linestring
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Hi All,I have a set of points with (x,y) co-ordinates that belong to a single object ex: a segment in a road network.If we made a LINESTRING that connected these points (x,y), then I would like to have a BAND or RANGE
around the linestring of say 10 meters wide that would probably make it look more like a polygon or some area. How can I achieve this in postgis 2.0? Do I need to use some library like GDAL in order to achieve this?


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