[postgis-users] Spatial column from text via a VIEW, Possible?

Simon Greener simon at spatialdbadvisor.com
Mon Mar 5 15:23:10 PST 2012

My (future) VIEW creation SQL so far:

select rxtime,

        ltrim(split_part(part1, ':', 1), '>') as cmd_type,

        split_part(part1, ':', 2) as esn,

        part2 as time_idx,

        part3 as lat,

        part4 as lon,

                 ST_SetSRID(ST_MakePoint(lon::numeric, lat::numeric),4326) as geom,

        part5 as speed,

        part6 as event,

        rtrim(part7, ';') as good


       (select rxtime,

               split_part(cmd, ',', 1) as part1,

               split_part(cmd, ',', 2) as part2,

               split_part(cmd, ',', 3) as part3,

               split_part(cmd, ',', 4) as part4,

               split_part(cmd, ',', 5) as part5,

               split_part(cmd, ',', 6) as part6,

               split_part(cmd, ',', 7) as part7



         where cmd

          like '>Plot:%') AS first_pass;

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