[postgis-users] Problem in using Postgis 2.0.0b3 with raster

Salvatore Larosa S_Larosa at libero.it
Thu Mar 8 01:16:23 PST 2012

check if raster2pgsql script is in folder /usr/local/pgsql/bin!
if it's there, check your path settings!


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Ogg: [postgis-users] Problem in using Postgis 2.0.0b3 with raster

Hi, is there any step-by-step guide showing how to enable PostGis 2.0.0
beta3SVN in my database and loading raster images?
I install it properly, as the README.raster says, but when i try to load with 
the "raster2pgsql -s 4326 ...." it gives "raster2pgsql command not found".  
So i guess there are some missing steps after installing, that i have to do so 
i can use Postgis raster to the PgAdmin database. Maybe they are so obvious to 
be mentioned but i am really new to this one so i can't go further.
Thanks for any help.

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