[postgis-users] Problem in using Postgis 2.0.0b3 with raster

aperi2007 aperi2007 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 05:34:47 PST 2012

 >Yes, raster2pgsql is in this folder. So i go through the terminal to 
 >this folder and run something like that: raster2pgsql -s 4236 -I -C -M 
 >*.tif -F -t 100x100 public.test > out.sql
 >Before that, i go to the pgAdminIII, connect to the localhost and 
 >create a new database "testing" with template "template_postgis".
 >How do i declare in the command line that the database that i want to 
 >load the image is the new one i just created?
 >What i get running the command below is: "out.sql: Permission denied".
 >What is wrong with this process or what i forget to do?

I will have the same trouble.
After same tests I found that the creation and load of postgis rasters
work only with the "postgres" account.

Otherwise it return me the same your "permission denied".


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