[postgis-users] PostGIS 2.0 beta 3

Stephen V. Mather svm at clevelandmetroparks.com
Mon Mar 12 06:11:58 PDT 2012

Hi All,

                Hopefully this isn't unnecessary chatter, but I have nothing
earth-shattering to report on PostGIS 2.0 beta 3.  Installed and compiled
easily on Ubuntu 11.10 oneiric.  Thanks for all the hard work.






http://www.clemetparks.com/images/esig/cmp-ms-90x122.pngStephen Mather
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Manager
(216) 635-3243

svm at clevelandmetroparks.com
 <http://www.clemetparks.com/> clevelandmetroparks.com





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