[postgis-users] Simplify a perfect (hierarchical) partition of polygons (ST_SimplifyPreserveTopology and friends)

'Sandro Santilli' strk at keybit.net
Wed Mar 14 06:27:41 PDT 2012

On Wed, Mar 14, 2012 at 02:09:30PM +0100, William Humphrey Temperley wrote:

> Practical means "getting stuff done" in my book.  Open source is always my
> first port of call, but I won't conform to a religion.  I'm looking forward
> to trying out your topology work - but when it's practical to do so!

I've been discussing this earlier this morning and figured that
you can probably get this done pretty easily with PostGIS 2.0,
by adding a topology-aware ST_Simplify version so and avoid
creating persistent simplified topology schemas.

> I agree it is a shame that it is rare for open source software to be funded
> by public institutions, especially when even small change for them would
> make a difference.  I can't comment on the EC stance on this.

Incidentally, most of the 2.0 topology work was funded by the Italian
Tuscany Region, and there are actually an handful of other public
institutions among the so called "corporate sponsors". It's just a shame
not to see the JRC in there...


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