[postgis-users] Is it possible to batch append many dxf to a postgis table?

Pietro Rossin pietro.rossin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 05:43:21 PDT 2012

I found the command/syntax to uplad dxf files to postgis


ogr2ogr --config DXF_INLINE_BLOCKS FALSE --config
user=postgres dbname=pippo password=pippo" my_dxf.DXF entities

But one problem arises..

No polygon is loaded as polygon but is converted to polyline.
Many column, that are important to me (e.g. elevation), aren't loaded

If I load a 3d dxf, is the information about elevation  preserved into postgis?

Any hint?

2012/3/19 Pietro Rossin <pietro.rossin at gmail.com>:
> Ok, thanks again
> pietro
> 2012/3/19 Nicolas Ribot <nicolas.ribot at gmail.com>:
>>> I know gdal reads dxf, but i like co make a single postgis table for
>>> many dxf, all merged together
>> There is an option in OGR to append data to an existing table instead
>> of inserting (-append)
>> Nicolas
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