[postgis-users] Is it possible to batch append many dxf to a postgis table?

Pietro Rossin pietro.rossin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 08:48:05 PDT 2012

The administration of my area distributes geographic vectorial data as dxf
or dgn.
Source data are not readable afaik.  I think they are in .Bin or fcn I
don't remember right now.
Raw data are full of hidden things that you can choose to export and To do
this I must use a software developed ad hoc (not free source).
So,  if I don't want to get crazy,  I have to use those wonderful dxf....
I know they aren't the best choice for gis development, but this is what I
have. For this reason I'm trying to convert and merge them in postgis
Il giorno 19/mar/2012 14:25, "Paolo Cavallini" <cavallini at faunalia.it> ha

> Il 19/03/2012 13:43, Pietro Rossin ha scritto:
> > No polygon is loaded as polygon but is converted to polyline.
> > Many column, that are important to me (e.g. elevation), aren't loaded
> Are you really forced to use dxf? My advice is whenever possible to go
> back and
> search for source formats, or anyway to move the conversion logic as much
> as possible
> within the CAD itself.
> The semantic of a CAD file is so different from that of a GIS format that
> problems
> are almost unavoidable from the GIS side.
> All the best.
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