[postgis-users] POSTGIS 2.0 on WIn

Francesco Zucca francesco.zucca at unipv.it
Mon Mar 26 10:42:02 PDT 2012

Hi at all,
I wished test POSTGIS 2.0 on Win, so after installed on WinXP32
PostgreSQL 9.1.1,  and following instruction for  postgis-pg91-binaries-2.0.
0beta4w32 .... but I get the following error
-d "testpstg" -c "CREATE EXTENSION postgis;" ERROR:  could not load library
: unknown error 126 ".

Of course 1) postgis-2.0.dll is on the lib dir; 2) I stopped and restared
Postgres service; 3) I've tried also another installation dir for Postgers
in order to prevent eventually "space in name" trouble, but...
I get the same problem

Any hints?

best regards

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