[postgis-users] Correct or wrong raster image loading

Giannis Giakoumidakis ggiakoumidakis at yahoo.com
Mon May 14 09:01:30 PDT 2012

I'm not sure if my loading of raster images is correct. 

I use "raster2pgsql -s 4236 -I -C -M *.tif -F -t 100x100 public.demelevation | psql -d gisdb" from the manual. What I get is a table that has only 3 columns (rid, rast, filename) and 1 row only (I thought -t would create many rows). Also, 12 constraints. Finally, 1 row in the "raster_columns" view, which contains all the details of the loaded raster. 

The difference with a loaded shapefile is that this table has 55.000 rows that contains all the vector data details.

So I have a major problem when I connect to the database through QGIS. There I can load and display normally a shapefile from the database (it appeas with "MULTIPOLYGON" type), but all the tables which contains rasters appear with "no geometry" type and can't be displayed in QGIS. 

Can anyone tell me where is my fault, in the QGIS or in the first loading of the raster images in the database? Thanks.
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