[postgis-users] Newbie Tiger 2011 Loader Scripts issues

Michael Papet mpapet at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 2 16:34:30 PDT 2012


I'm a newbie retrying the postgis stack version 2.1.0SVN dated  12/08/22
I have run into two issues with the loader script. Using Washington D.C. as the state name, it gave me a script that got error #1.  Using RI data, I got error #2.

#1. 2012-11-02 15:53:11 PDT ERROR:  INSERT has more target columns than expressions at character 413 
#2.  2012-11-02 15:54:22 PDT ERROR:  relation "tiger.county" does not exist at character 166

For #1, this is a clean installation.  I don't know if I messed some part of the install up or not.
For #2, table county is in public, not tiger.  Is there something wrong with my installation, or a bug in the script?

I can reproduce both issues.  Let me know if you need anything else to enlighten me as to where I've gone wrong.

#1 Details
2012-11-02 15:53:11 PDT QUERY:  
INSERT INTO tiger_data.dc_faces(the_geom,intptlon,intptlat,atotal,"offset",lwflag,nctadvfp,nectafp,cnectafp,metdivfp,cbsafp,csafp,puma5ce,ugace,tazce,zcta5ce,vtdst,sldlst,sldust,cd111fp,uace,unsdlea,scsdlea,elsdlea,tblkgpce,ttractce,anrcfp,trsubce,trsubfp,comptyp,aiannhce,aiannhfp,placefp,conctyfp,submcdfp,cousubfp,blockce,blkgrpce,tractce,countyfp,statefp,puma5ce00,ugace00,tazce00,zcta5ce00,vtdst00,sldlst00,sldust00,cd108fp,uace00,unsdlea00,scsdlea00,elsdlea00,anrcfp00,trsubce00,trsubfp00,comptyp00,aiannhce00,aiannhfp00,placefp00,conctyfp00,submcdfp00,cousubfp00,blockce00,blkgrpce00,tractce00,countyfp00,statefp00,tfid) SELECT
 the_geom,intptlon,intptlat,atotal,"offset",lwflag,nctadvfp,nectafp,cnectafp,metdivfp,cbsafp,csafp,ugace,sldlst,sldust,cd112fp,unsdlea,scsdlea,elsdlea,tblkgpce,ttractce,anrcfp,trsubce,trsubfp,comptyp,aiannhce,aiannhfp,placefp,conctyfp,submcdfp,cousubfp,blockce,blkgrpce,tractce,countyfp,statefp,puma5ce10,uace10,tazce10,zcta5ce10,vtdst10,blockce10,blkgrpce10,tractce10,countyfp10,statefp10,tfid FROM tiger_staging.dc_faces;

#2.  Details

${PSQL} -c "INSERT INTO tiger_data.RI_zip_lookup_base(zip,state,county,city, statefp) SELECT DISTINCT e.zipl, 'RI', c.name,p.name,'44'  FROM tiger_data.RI_edges AS e
INNER JOIN tiger.county As c  ON (e.countyfp = c.countyfp AND e.statefp = c.statefp AND e.statefp = '44')
INNER JOIN tiger_data.RI_faces AS f ON (e.tfidl = f.tfid OR e.tfidr = f.tfid) INNER JOIN tiger_data.RI_place As p ON(f.statefp = p.statefp AND f.placefp = p.placefp ) WHERE e.zipl IS NOT NULL;"
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