[postgis-users] ETA on NSIS source?

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Tue Nov 13 15:25:13 PST 2012

Uhmm it's already up, just need to know where to look :)
Sorry I guess we forgot to post the NSIS source to the postgis website, but
it's on pgfoundry
We'll do that in the next day or so.
FYI: When we post the executables on pgfoundry we also post the NSIS source
files at the same time on foundry site so if ever you can't find them on
PostGIS.org, you should be able to find them on pgfoundry.
Hope that helps,


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PostGIS 2.0 for PostgreSQL 9.2 has been out for a bit of time at this point
but neither the 64-bit nor 32-bit installer source is available yet. 


What are the chances we could get that posted? J



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