[postgis-users] OpenSource project MyGeoCloud ties PostGIS, MapServer, TileCache and OpenLayers together

martin hoegh mhoegh at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 10:59:26 PST 2012

MyGeoCloud.com is an OpenSoure project and a web service. It offers
geospatial storage, WMS and WFS-T services for accessing data and
transactions. Besides that it offers a built-in web mapping client and
online editing of data. But MyGeoCloud is also a platform on which you
can build your own location based web applications using a JavaScript

The core component of MyGeoCloud is the PostGIS database software,
which is used for storage and geospatial operations. MapServer is used
for map rendering and for tile caching TileCache is used. OpenLayers
is used for the web map clients. The WFS-T service is implemented in
the code base.

The goal is a all-in-one solution for storage, geospatial operations,
geospatial web services and web mapping.

Test the project here: http://beta.mygeocloud.com/ and get the source
code here: https://github.com/mhoegh/MyGeoCloud


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