[postgis-users] ST_MapAlgebraExpr() : what is mean [rast] ?

Mahavir Trivedi mahavir.trivedi at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 23:16:20 PST 2012


sir first to thanking you for suggestion about query

alter table dem demtest add column map_rast raster
update demtest set map_rast= ST_mapalgebraExpr(rast,'16BUI'::text,'CASE
WHEN [rast] BETWEEN 10 AND 200 THEN [rast] ELSE NULL')

 IT is Execute success fully .

BUT  when I export it using JAVA program It's size of Tiff is 9 KB . mean i
mage not visible

SELECT ST_COUNT(map_rast,false) from demtest
SELECT ST_COUNT(map_rast) from demtest

with regards
Mahavir trivedi
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