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The PostGIS documentation is a good starting point. You can use the command line shp2pgsql loader (http://postgis.refractions.net/documentation/manual-2.0/using_postgis_dbmanagement.html#shp2pgsql_usage) which comes with your PostGIS installation.

To batch-load shapefiles on Ubuntu shell, you could use a for-loop. Example:
user at server:/your/directory> for shape in *.shp; do shp2pgsql -c -D -s 4326 -I $shape yourschema.${shape%.*} | psql -d yourdatabase; done

Set all parameters of shp2pgsql according to your needs, especially the SRID (-s).

Ahoi! Michi

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And I am working on the command line as I am on remote Ubuntu Server. So the Introduction<http://workshops.opengeo.org/postgis-intro/> given in the OpenGeo Workshop is not really helpful.

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Hi Guys,

I have been working with lots of shapefiles and hosting them on the Geoserver (around 8k). Now the Geoserver is completely stalled and fetching the data is almost not possible. I have installed the complete OpenGeo Suite and till now have not played with the PostGIS. I guess adding the shapefiles to the PostGIS will surely speed up the process.

The problem is I am new to PostGIS, so can someone share some ideas where I should begin and how I can add the shapefiles to the PostGIS database.

Thanks & Regards
Smaran Harihar

Thanks & Regards
Smaran Harihar

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