[postgis-users] global parameter to solve axis order

johann sorel johann.sorel at geomatys.com
Thu Oct 18 03:44:14 PDT 2012


I've been working for a long time with postgis and I am well aware of 
all the nuisance
caused by axis order since the proj library did not handle them properly.

Everyone now knows more or less the problem, and the OGC has provided 
solutions CRS:84 and URN codes to remove all ambiguities.

After several years of micmac troubles with axis order, I have reach a 
point were I consider by default :
- datas both vector and raster are expected to following the true epsg 
axis order
- rendering outputs are in longitude first
Those are my defaults, I'm not here to raise again a debate on the 
subjet so please do not comment this choice.

My question is :
Is there some kind of flag in postgis/postgresql we could add to the 
or the complete server to enforce everything is done in the axis order 
defined by EPSG ?


Johann Sorel

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