[postgis-users] create 1 cell/polygon per point inside bounding polygon

Daniel Cole daniel at southernsolutionsms.com
Sat Sep 8 20:02:54 PDT 2012

I want to be able to take a polygon that has 3 to 50 points inside of it
and create polygon where each point is the only point inside of it a cell
and it is located at the centroid, or at least close. The points are
already in a sort of grid shape, so want my cells as uniform size as
possible although I assume the cells containing the outer-most points may
be larger or smaller.  Any cell on the outer edges will be clipped by the
original bounding polygon.

I  thought that I might could use something like fishnetting, but I want to
be sure that there are just the same number of cells are there are points.

I have attached an image that I made using the nearest neighbor algorithm
and I think and the look is basically what I wanting to do, but where you
see the color there, there would be a cell unique to that point. If anyone
knew anway to reverse that raster into cells that would help too.  thanks.

any thoughts?


Daniel Cole
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