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You can't use  PostGIS compiled for one version of PostgreSQL on a different
version of PostgreSQL.  They are not compatible binaries across versions.
We'll have 2.0.1 for PostgreSQL 9.2 available for Windows probably sometime
next week.
However -- we do have PostGIS 2.1.0SVN available for 9.2 already.
You should be able to just copy the files into your 9.2 and run CREATE
EXTENSION postgis;
as usual.
No incompatibilities have been introduced in 2.1.0, just faster and more
functionality -
so if you have an app that relies on 2.0 it should work just dandy with
2.1.0 SVN.
and if you restore your 9.1 backup on 9.2 (assuming you used CREATE
EXTENSION), it will automatically upgrade itself.
You'll want to be on 2.1.0 for 9.2 anyway since that will have features --
SPGist (not yet committed)  specifically designed for leveraging 9.2
Hope that helps,
Regina and Leo


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Hello List,


Has anyone successfully installed PostGIS 2.0.1 with Postgres 9.2 on a
windows platform?


I have tried (using the PostGIS for Postgres 9.1 installer and specifying
the 9.2 path during installation) but I keep getting the error when I  try
and create a DB using CREATE EXTENSION.


ERROR:  could not load library "C:/Program
Files/PostgreSQL/9.2/lib/postgis-2.0.dll": The specified module could not be

But the DLL is there in that location!


Any ideas?



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