[postgis-users] Odd question

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Did y ou want to change the default or set it to 0 or something?

We were meaning to expose that but wasn't sure if anyone would be interested
in changing it.

The setting is on the function:


Just change the hardcoded default of 10 to what you want.

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION interpolate_from_address(given_address INTEGER,
in_addr1 VARCHAR, in_addr2 VARCHAR, in_road GEOMETRY, 
	in_side VARCHAR DEFAULT '',in_offset_m float DEFAULT 10 );

In 2.1. we'll add to the list to allow this to be voerrided at the geocode
function level as an additional arg.  Can't do that with the 2.0 one though
since that would change the api.

Hope that helps,

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Anybody know how to remove the default 10 meter offset from the PostGIS

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